Team Member
Anjet van Linge

Anjet is a sculptor. She works with stone, taking away to create space and noticing what needs to stay.

Often born in response to some life question, her stones invite stillness and reflection. She works in the tradition of ancient stonemasons, using mainly hammer and chisel, attentive to the material, its touch and sound. This enables her to explore the spirit of craftsmanship, and what that may teach us, in our (working) lives also.

As a consultant, Anjet works with international organisations, helping leaders to develop their capacity for conscious leadership, seeing what is present, and what might want to be let go of.

Team Member
Marc de Groot

Marc is an artist, a Qi Gong teacher and a stone mason. He cares deeply about the beauty of nature and the importance of living an honest life.

In his artwork, he meticulously glues 10.000 sorrel seeds onto board - testifying to their beauty and the importance of small things, not taking them for granted. In his stone masonry, he restores old stone buildings so they can continue to exist in their current state, without unnecessary polishing.

As a Qi Gong practitioner, he has experienced “that before you learn how to move, you have to learn how to stand”.

Our sheep, the dogs Pollock and Bella and the cats Klaasje and Zorro are part of the crew who welcome you to our house.

Participants experiences:

  • "The silence connected me to deeper layers in my creative work."

  • "I met new parts of myself, beautiful yet not always smooth."

  • "Normally I spend an hour doing as many things as possible, now I focussed an entire morning on one thing. That was very liberating."

  • "I was surprised how community builds so quickly in silence"

  • “I came to do a specific piece of writing which I finished. And in the undercurrent I did other “work” that was confronting and nurturing at the same time”

  • “It has been wonderful to flow with and work in a rhythm of silence, without being attached to any specific religious tradition, and yet it was a solidly spiritual experience”